Just last night, I’m sitting in our “Book Club” listening to Hejun talk about what it means to grow as a family member. I’m wishing he would speak more clearly so I could understand better (which is ridiculous; everyone ELSE understood him. What a pompous dufus I can be sometimes! The problem was my comprehension level–not his speaking).

Then he began telling a story I hadn’t heard before. It had just happened a week or two before. He had been walking along when he saw a girl (we’ll call her Jackie) crying. He didn’t know her. He decided to walk on by but then thought better. He asked her what was wrong. Is it a boyfriend problem? After a little prodding, Jackie told him what was going on.

Her mom was sick and home alone, because her dad was away for a while. Jackie was worried and scared for her mom, and there was nothing she could do about it. Hejun walked with her and tried to comfort her. Then he shared some things about faith with her. Then she asked him, “Are you a family member?” He said yes. Then she asked if he know a person who was also a family member. (By this time into the story, I didn’t care about whether he spoke clearly or not. I just wanted to know what happened next.)

“How can I know some random person that she knows,” Hejun asked himself. It’s impossible. She said the name of the girl she knew (we’ll call her Cynthia). Cynthia is the leader of our campus group here! Two years ago, they new each other, and Cynthia had told Jackie about Jesus. Now Jackie thought that there was no way Cynthia remembered her. So Hejun called up Cynthia to find out. She did. As it turned out, they had both wanted to contact each other but had both lost each other’s contact info.

(By this time I’m ready to jump up and shout praises. I’m hanging onto every word.) The best part of the story is still to come. Later that night, Hejun asked Jackie if she believed in the power of talking to God. She said yes. So he asked God to help her sick mother. The next day Jackie told him that she talked to her mother and everything was better!

How does this stuff happen? I don’t know. All I know is that I saw Hejun lead a “Book Club” for the first time and do a really good job at it. And he had a part to play in bringing together two friends who were separated for two years, just because he was willing to care. And he had a part to play in expressing the love and power of God to a hurting girl. And we all get to see that the sweat and tears poured out in the past on this campus for so long are producing miracles today. And I get to be here!

Praise Him!