Pinky arrived home, excited about her great deal on a 50-cent can of spray-on snow for the windows. With no snow in our city, and no signs of Christmas, we decided to do what we could to make our apartment feel like home for the holidays.

But when she sprayed the first snowflake on the window, we discovered the reason for the bright orange-colored cap. Without realizing it, she had gotten a bargain on a can of fake ORANGE snow!!

We ditched the spray snow and stocked up on other decorations. We assembled an assortment of lights and cheap decorations, invited some friends over for a decorating party, and in less than two hours our living room was decked out with Christmas cheer.

Then we sat around and talked about Christmas traditions…which naturally led into a time to share about the real meaning of Christmas! It's not about orange snow or shiny decorations on our tree; it's about a gift of LOVE from God 2000 years ago!

I couldn't believe how many heads were nodding as they listened to the Christmas story. They knew some of it already, and were eager to hear more. We're praying that the Gospel will soon become more than just a good story to them!