After a couple of crazy weeks, I finally sit down to write this update. As always, I am very glad that I can take some time to catch you up with what is happening on the other side of the world.

As the title of this update announces, we are starting a new semester, which means many new things are happening. First of all, we are starting with a fresh touch from the Holy Spirit that makes me feel as if I had a new heart for Asia. We had a couple weeks to get refocused on the goal of our time here and now we are back to the campus work. This semester we are starting this new habit of “praying like we’ve never prayed before”. Most of us in the team are getting up earlier in the morning to ask God for our brothers and sisters, the students on campus, the other workers here, etc. We are also planning on using new strategies to reach more students in the short two months we have left to work.

We are believing God this semester for the biggest harvest C-Town has ever seen. We are sharing, praying and working hard to show His love to every person we meet.