Just as soon as I heard my name from the noise of the busy street, I was wrapped in a huge embrace.

It was David, one of the students that joined the family while I was here last year and has been a significant part of the group since then. We then walked around the corner, into the elevator and then off again as we entered the cafe where the church meets. Over the next two hours, I got to rejoin the group that formed as a result of the work we did last year.

I can’t even express how exciting it was to see the familiar faces who have continued growing this past year and the many new ones, some of whom had just joined the family this past week. It’s amazing to think that next year they will be the familiar faces loving on the new ones as the group expands.

The familiar faces and the new ones, their lives have been transformed because of you.


  • Ever since I last updated, I have been sleeping great! Thanks!!
  • I already notice my language improving, even after just 2 weeks of classes.


  • Supernatural remembrance and ease of tongue as I continue in language study.
  • Continued personal revival and revelation from God so that I can experience growth and healing in some areas He is highlighting right now.