The soil is so good but the seed-slingers are few! These last few weeks I have seen more people go all-in for God than I have seen in my whole life. The young people here long for a creator. I speak to many people who “do not believe in anything”, but they do not have an attitude of rejection. These young people are forced to believe in nothing, so when presented with a choice to follow after God, they truly contemplate and search for him, and many of them find him. I am so blessed to be the vessel Dad uses to bring these people to Him.

The “Home run” reference in the subject line links to a story about a new follower we have been training. He is the captain of the baseball team at the school we have been “sowing” on (They play American baseball in Asia! Praise the Lord!). We had him over to our apartment to study the Word this last Thursday and it was so awesome. We ended up studying with him from 1:30pm – 6:00pm and very few things were lost in translation. He is also getting better and better with English every time we meet with him. I am so encouraged and inspired by the passion these new believers posses!