I am astounded at the massive opportunity that is present in Asia. I feel so honored to be reaching out to people here… this is truly awesome. I am in a permanent (9 month) residence now – a typical apartment complex, eating spicy food, and life is crazy. But this is not what excites me the most. I have so many friends on my campus who sacrifice so much in order to meet with me. They have such a hunger for our culture and it is so easy to share with them. I was even able to see one of my friends become a follower this week, praise God! We needed help with the language barrier at times but in the end he understood what it meant to have a personal relationship. It was clearly not by any human power that he was able to fully understand what we were sharing. I am meeting and training him and he encourages me daily even though his English is limited. I cry out for this to be the start of an avalanche of followers that will train each-other in Spirit and Truth!