What an honor! We get to launch passionate young adults right into the greatest mission field there is — the college campuses of Asia. The past 6 weeks have been busy: we’ve traveled, we’ve shared our vision, we’ve equipped the called AND we’ve seen God go above and beyond in faithfulness.

This past month, we were given two awesome opportunities!

  1. We traveled to New Jersey so I (Lois) could be a part of a conference that teaches ministries and missionaries how to equip their workers. I am so thankful for all that I learned so that I can bring the knowledge and wisdom back to our organization. I’m confident Campus Target will become all the more healthy and vision driven because of the wisdom we gleaned from the SRS Bootcamp.
  2. I (Lois again) was able to help teach a class on evangelism at EBI & C! A couple of us CTers got to spend the morning with the class and train them to share the gospel, just like we do on a daily basis in Asia. Being with the students and teaching them the gospel presentation made me long for my Asia home. I’m homesick for Asia, but so thankful God is using Clark and I to send so many to the field! God sure is multiplying us!