Last semester, in my city alone, we had the opportunity to share the complete gospel with over 500 college students! 500 students!!!! Of these students, approximately 100 have given their lives to Christ!!!!! As an act of obedience, many were baptized and the majority have been plugged into small group studies where they have been learning basic discipleship lessons AND learning how to pass these lessons on to those they share with and also accept.

As the semester came to an end, all of the leaders got together and talked about how we could mold the movement so that the Asian believers would be able to meet more of their brothers and sisters, form relationship and fellowship, and result in a multiplying church planting movement.

And, this weekend we are starting our new plan! This is something that, as we prayed, all of us were unified on. We believe this is from the Lord and are so excited to see the fruit of it.

Partner pairs who have been working together for the past 6 months are going to combine with another partner pair and all of their friends will be able to meet for (in most cases) the first time!!!! From this, at least 4 new churches are starting! The first meeting was last night, on Sunday there will be two more (with me leading one – all in my new language!), and another one will start up next week.

These churches will meet weekly. On top of that, each church will be doing their own worship nights, prayer nights, funtivities, etc. As we work more closely with these students, we will be raising them up in leadership and giving them the training and resources that they need to be awesome evangelists and church planters themselves!

Thanks so much for your prayers! Please lift up all our Asian brothers and sisters as we are combining groups. Please pray for my friend Pan Rui who will be working closely with me and leading different parts of our church meeting. And please pray for wisdom as we move forward with this plan, we want to be sensitive to the voice and the lead of the Holy Spirit!

Thanks for standing with me and for believing in what the Lord is doing in Asia! It’s an awesome adventure!!!!