Time sure does fly!  On September 30th, Clark and I welcomed our son into the world! He’s absolutely perfect in every way (minus all the screaming and crying last night)!! For me, the past 3.5 weeks have been all about learning this little guy, how to care for him, and how to do all the “mom” stuff. Clark has become a professional diaper changer and can sing our baby to sleep in hero-like ways. God is teaching us patience, and adding grace on top of grace on top of grace. He’s so faithful!

Since our son was born, we’ve been more than blessed by family and friends. Thanks so much to everyone who has come and visited, for all those who jumped on our “meal train” and have brought us dinner for the past couple weeks, and for those who have stopped by with little gifts to bless our family. We’re so grateful for each and every one of you!

While I’ve been home taking care of our son, the mission of reaching Asian college students is as strong as ever!  Since our new team landed in Asia, dozens have responded to the Gospel! Lives are being transformed; the name of Jesus is being lifted high. Just recently, one of our Asian sisters reached out to her friend and shared the Gospel. Her friend responded and they’re meeting weekly to grow deeper with God. Multiplication is happening, and while we may not be Asia-side in this season, we’re grateful for the roles we get to play in helping the movement go forward! Thanks for playing your role too! Your prayers and support are changing the world, one Asian college student at a time!

We covet your prayers, prayers for our ministry and for Asia, and prayers for us as a new family of three! Please pray for sleep for me and our son! And continue to lift Clark up as he is finishing his season at Bible college and will begin to take on more responsibility in our Stateside office. Pray for wisdom and timing for us as we’re looking at dates to return to Asia. There is so much God needs to do before we head back. We know He is able 🙂