This past month of being in the States has flown by! I’ve been able to see so many friends and family, what a refreshing feeling!!!! I’m so thankful that I’m here and am able to help out my sister and her family as they are going through some tough times! On top of that, I’ve been able to travel all around, reconnecting with friends that I love and value so very much!

With the blessings of technology, I’m also keeping in touch with some friends back in Asia. One friend sent me a text that said, “Please pray for me as I share the gospel with my aunt and her husband…they seem like they don’t what to know about the Bible.” We’ve casted vision to her on how God can and will use her to reach her family. We’ve shown her Scripture to support it. And she is filled with faith and God dependent!!!! This precious sister is a woman of such boldness! Stories like this encourage me. She is living a life of obedience to God!

My closest friend back in Asia has been out of the province for approximately 2 months. As soon as she returned to the city, she got reconnected with the brothers and sisters in our church. And, this all happened when our American workers were gone! Her initiative and desire for fellowship teach me so much about being a member of the Body of Christ!

In less than one month, I’ll be at our annual Training Camp. As many of you remember, this is a period of approximately 2 weeks where we get to know our new 1st year workers and spend time investing in them – teaching them our core values, cultural training, team-building, etc. AND, on August 20th, we fly!!!!

This year, I will continue my role in leading the 1st year workers in my city. We will be having 6 amazing world changers join us. All together, there will be 12 of us in the city. From my experience the past 4 years, I know that each year gets better and better!!!! I’m looking forward to all God has in store for this next season!

Please specifically be praying for:

  • Finances for our 1st year workers (20 in total will be joining us in Asia – split up in 4 different cities). Pray that they will all leave for Asia fully funded!!!
  • My time in the States – that it will be fruitful
  • August Training Camp (Aug 7th to Aug 20th) – That it would be a time marked by encountering God!!!

Thanks so much for all of your love and support. Your investment in me and my work in Asia is making eternal differences!!!!!