Ivy is a student that I met probably around September or October. A couple weeks ago, I approached her and asked her if she would like to start studying the Bible with me, and she said it was a great idea but wanted to wait until the middle of June. That week I sent her a text message and suggested that we meet starting that week.  Since then, she has faithfully been meeting with me weekly.  It’s been powerful and exciting!

What I love about meeting with Ivy is that she is genuinely hungry for God! Each week she comes prepared with questions that she wants to ask me. I try to answer to the best of my ability and after I give my answer, her reply is “Show me where it says that in the Bible”. I LOVE that she is going straight to God’s Word and not simply trusting in what comes out of my mouth.

On top of meeting with me for our Bible Study, she also comes to our Art Club that meets later that night.  During the club, activities range from painting and drawing to playing the guitar and reading the Bible. It’s all worship! It’s glorifying God through the creativity that He has given us!

Last week as she left the club, she told me, “You don’t need to ask me if I will study with you every week. We’ll meet every week at the same time and the same place”. I know that God wants her heart. I know God’s promise of salvation is near! This Thursday, we will be meeting to discuss the Apostle Paul and his conversion (by her own recommendation).  With Easter this upcoming weekend, I know that there will be a lot of opportunity to share with her. Please pray for Ivy.  Pray that God captures her heart! Not only am I believing that she will quickly turn her life to God, I’m believing that she’ll be a true disciple of Christ. And pray for me, that as I meet with her, that I would 100% be led by the Holy Spirit!