Zylee and I headed towards a restaurant on school to meet Jo-Jo and Emily to study the second discipleship lesson with them. But as we approached we saw three girls instead of two – they had brought their friend, Sienna, with them. As we talked over lunch Zylee and I asked Jo-Jo and Emily how their week was since we had seen them last and how it went when they shared the Gospel with their friends. Emily was excited to tell us that she had shared the story with Sienna and that Sienna was interested in God too. Zylee and I walked Sienna through the Gospel again to test for understanding, and it was true – she was interested and she did believe! We had a new sister!

It was the perfect picture of what our mission is here – we want to see reproduction and multiplication. It is great when our team sees our friends “join the family,” but we are only so many. To reach this nation, it is going to require the exponential spreading of the Gospel that comes when our friends tell their friends and then those friends tell their friends. And that is exactly what we saw happening; the truth about Jesus was spreading.

We were able to go over the first lesson with Sienna, but instead of me and Zylee teaching it, we asked Emily and Jo-Jo to teach her the importance of sharing and how to share. It was incredible thing to watch as these new believers who had just learned these truths a week earlier were able to teach it to our new sister. Then we were able to go over lesson two with all three of these new sisters! And now they are all excited to publicly declare their faith in God and be baptized next Friday! I can hardly wait!!!