Some days just get to you, in fact some weeks are just rough. This past week was one of them. Overall it was really good, but between 12 hours of basketball, sharing with friends, and giving it our all, Professor and I were wiped by the end of the week. We did a lot of work following up with friends and just loving on people. It was just one of those weeks that was exhausting. I haven’t played that much basketball in years!

Towards the end of the week Professor and I decided to go on campus to make some new friends and share. It was just one of those days where I wasn’t feeling it. We started on our adventure when I pretty much confessed to Professor that I wasn’t up for the task ahead. Professor carried me that day. Instead of pushing through and sharing he said hey lets just sit and talk. For the next 2 hours we had a heart to heart where he just listened and encouraged me. I’m glad for my roommate and his perspective on things and I think God is really going to use him to teach me a lot of things this year.

Overall I think my biggest lesson ahead is just learning to live in God’s grace. To learn to accept it and work from it, all the while learning to let go of my performance mentality. Its a hard lesson, but I’m grateful and excited for the fruit its going to bring. God is doing a lot in and through me and I hope that the fruit of this years is that which lasts a lifetime. Also, please be praying  for me and my teams health. A lot of us are getting over being sick and the air quality here is quite bad at the moment. So bad in fact, that some people are unable to go outside with out some bad reaction to the air. Its just a little hurdle to God. Thanks so much for keeping me in your thoughts and prays!