Have you ever seen a yard of beautiful, green grass transformed into a field of yellow dandelions over the course of a summer? It starts with just one or two budding “flowers.” Then as the weeks go by, those yellow pedals turn to seed-carrying pouches that get whisked off in the wind and like little parachutes settle where the breeze guides them. There the seed is planted, soon to grow into its own flower which begins the process again. Soon, where you once saw green, all you can see is yellow.

“To see a multiplying church on the top 100 universities in Asia by 2020.” That is our vision… to see multiplying church … to see churches full of students that will graduate and return to their hometowns or head to the cities to find jobs… students that will take the truth of the gospel, like the pedals turned seed-carrying parachutes, to those places… into places I have never been, where the seed of the gospel will be planted and a new flower will bloom… a flower that will spread the seed even further.

Flowers are sprouting up all over Asia at this very moment! In the past few weeks since the new workers landed, we have seen over 30 university students make decision to follow Christ! That’s 30 seeds that will spread across the field!

That is it. That is why I am investing myself into Asia… so that what were once empty fields will be full of yellow – of growth and life that continues to spread.

Thank you for helping spread the seed!