First week on our own! At first I was feeling lost and disorganized.  I needed structure, and plans were changing last minute too much! God is changing me in so many ways.

Communication lesson 2 with my roommate.  Learning I don’t have to have someone with me 24/7, also learning my plans aren’t always what everyone else wants to do. Just because I’m ready doesn’t mean everyone else is. God is teaching me patience and why I need to give Him control of my life.

Next Party time! God started filling my brain with sooooo many thoughts of ideas for parties with our new friends! I now see how three years of early childhood education pays off! My roomie and I went to the store and bought supplies for are first theme which is PRINCESS!! So excited we get to tie Gods salvation message in a fun different way.

Also now we aren’t just making friends over meals but walking around campus talking to girls and just hanging out doing life on life. This week my roomie and I meet a group of three girls who were on their way to play tennis. We got the opportunity to join them which I think was the most fun I had sense I got here! Learning to play tennis with these girls was a blast!

Prayer request: my computer, learning the language, parties and, more daughters to join the family