Last summer, one of the big projects I worked on before the team arrived in September was designing a discipleship resource, The Foundations Book, a book that we walk our new believers through that not only teaches them more about the foundations of who God is, how to spend time with Him and how He wants us to love others, but equips them to teach their friends all of those lessons too.

I remember over Thanksgiving dinner, Deborah was talking with her friend about who God is… then she grabbed her Foundations Book and flipped to lesson three — “Sharing The Story.” She followed the outline in the lesson and shared the gospel with her friend. Her friend decided to believe!

Just yesterday, I received a text about a similar story. My teammate Enoch was studying one of the lessons in the Foundations Book with Eary while Eary’s girlfriend listened in. At the end of the lesson she asked if she could learn more. They shared the gospel with her and she chose to believe! Now, next week Eary will use the Foundations Book to start training her so that she can soon disciple her friends!

It is so awesome to be a part of equipping and resourcing the church in Asia! I’m so thankful I’ll have time set aside for special projects like this over this next year, so that I can continue to equip the church to grow.