Cats, Jedis, Harry Potter, Luigi and deer crowded together in a cafe dancing the Cupid Shuffle, bobbing for apples and enjoying the special excuse to dress up and act like kids. On a holiday that can be so focused on death, the party ended with us breaking into small groups and talking about life — His life.

As we swapped stories of what happened in the different small groups, it was clear that many seeds were planted and taking root.

…And then came the harvest!

Just a few days later, I got a “taco text”! Tina had thought about what she heard at the party and she decided to believe! Then a couple days later, Abraham was able to talk through the Gospel again with two teammates and he was ready to commit!

We have seen someone join the family each of the last 5 weeks! We are so thankful for all that God has been doing, yet we are crying out for even more! Thank you for standing with us!