This past week as been full of goodbyes as we sent of 8 teammates back to their home countries. It’s also been full of packing and goodbyes as I get ready to head back to the States in just 24 hours! But what marks these past few weeks for me is not the sadness, but the incredible joy as I look at the Lord’s incredible faithfulness over this past year!

We recently gathered as a team to reflect on and celebrate all G0d did throughout this school year… and I was blown away.

Since September 1, 2016…

-As a city, we invested over 4,300 hours of prayer into what God is doing in Asia!

– Nearly 350 people heard that God loves them and that Jesus loves them for the very first time!

– 34 young people that were far from God just 9 months ago now have a personal relationship with the One who loves them!

– Our church squared! That’s right, it didn’t just double, triple or quadruple… We started the year with just 5 and we now have over 25 regularly involved in small groups!

– We went “multi-site” 😉 We have gotten too big to have just one larger gathering, so we now have two larger gatherings! I can’t wait as we continue to grow and have larger gatherings on each campus in the city!