For years, I’ve been frustrated at Apple because there hasn’t been a taco emoji. (I mean really, how could that have not made the cut for the first list of emojis?) But recently, that feeling has absolutely changed. Not only am I thrilled that there is a taco emoji for expressing my desire for delicious food, but because, in our city, when someone sends a taco emoji, it means someone has decided to join the family and follow God! And this week…

That’s right, 3 tacos – 2 new sisters and a new brother – in the last week!

Leeroy had shared with Walker a few weeks ago. He shared how all you have to do is believe in your heart and proclaim it with your mouth. At the time, he wasn’t ready. Then on Wednesday, ironically over a burrito dinner, Walker said, “I want to proclaim it with my mouth! When you talk about God, I feel so wonderful, so how much better will it be when I proclaim it with my own mouth?!”

Then the next day, Nala was able to share the story with Alice. She immediately responded, “Yes, I want that!” After she chose to receive him, with joy she expressed, “I feel different. I feel something in my heart… I can’t describe this amazing feeling!”

Last night I received another taco text. I haven’t even had the chance to hear the story yet about how Nala and Penny were able to lead Junxi into a personal relationship with Go!

We are seeing God do some amazing things so far this semester. Since the start of the semester, not only have we seen our family grow, but those in small groups has increased 50%! He is moving and you are a part of it! Thank you so much for standing with us!