Mavis was riding home with Mulan (one of our teammates) on the back of her electric bike. As the wind rushed past, she shared with Mulan the vision God had put in her heart to start a church at the new campus where she had just started her Master’s program. Mulan simply said, “If you want to see a church start, then we are going to have to start sharing the good news about Jesus with your new classmates.”

After Mulan dropped her off, she immediately went and found Shun, one of her good friends on campus, and shared with her the good news about Jesus. And Shun was hungry to know more.

A few days later, Mavis took a Christian friend along and met with Shun again. This time as they shared God’s love, Shun was ready to receive it. Right after Shun chose to follow Jesus, Mavis was beaming with joy and exclaimed, “You are my new sister!” That same week, Mavis started regularly meeting with Shun, training her how to follow Jesus with her whole life.

Multiplication is happening! Mavis is the first of many here who will win their friends to Christ and start new discipleship groups this semester. God is starting a movement here that we believe will spread across this city and even impact this nation. And it is moving forward as the Holy Spirit uses young believers like Mavis to each bring God’s love into their circle of friends.