As I prepare to turn 30 in five weeks, I’ve got birthdays and everything that comes with them on my mind. Yesterday, I was able to enjoy one of the best “birthdays” I’ve had by celebrating with one of my new friends here in Atlanta by going to the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium and watching the Buffalo Bills taint the Falcons’ previously undefeated record in an incredibly entertaining game. The day was perfect. Such a great gift!

Jasmyn, one of our sisters in the Du, had an idea for an even better gift for her older sister’s birthday. “I want to tell her about Jesus! I want to give her the best gift ever this birthday,” she told Cozy, my teammate. And she did give her sister the absolute best gift ever! On her birthday, Lia, accepted the very best gift when she chose to believe in God!

Not even a Bills’ victory over the Patriots would be better than that! Lia really did get the BEST gift ever!