Immediately, it was as if we were in a new season.

As you know, the team we helped recruit left for Asia at the end of August. Then, the day after the team left, the sale on our house finalized! After a year and a half of recruiting and preparations to sell our home, within a 24 hour period we were finished with both!

…. and totally freed up to return to Asia ourselves!

We hope to be able to purchase tickets in about 90 days! That may seem like a long time to you- but we are excited and feel like it is right around the corner! We are committing to 3 years overseas! We cannot wait to continue campus ministry.

Also, in the last month or so, two friends from Asia have randomly reached out to us to thank us for sharing the Gospel with them. A young man I shared with and a young woman Olive Oyl shared with. They both mentioned that they are growing in their faith and have never felt so close to God!  I wanted to pass along their thanks because- as mentioned above- we know we aren’t doing this alone. You are standing with us, supporting us, encouraging us, and helping us. So from our friends in Asia to you- thank you.