It’s Planting Time!

“I too believe there is a God,” stated my brand new friend, Neria. “I am very interest in spiritual things. I have heard there is a place in India where they can tell your future, just by looking at your finger prints. I would like to go there and experience this….”

I wondered, “Are we even talking about the same God? Oh dear…”

“Why do you want to know your future?” asked my roommate Elf.

“Because I believe that if they tell me my future, and it comes true, then I will know there is a God.”

“Oooh,” I said, as the Holy Spirit was flooding my mind with the possibilities. “Well I believe that God is real…. If you really want to know if He is real, I think you just need to ask Him to show you for sure, and He will do it.”

Just a few nights ago I received this text from her, “I think I heard the answer because just now a sign has been brought to me. Now I am certain about the way I should go. Now I have figured out, and I need to make a choice by asking my heart and live as an independent person in this world…. I will be a person like you. God bless you.”

I haven’t seen her since she sent it, but I am so excited to hear about what the sign was! Please pray for her this week.

On a personal note, we are pretty much completely settled in a beautiful apartment—on the 33rd floor! I’ve been trying to do little things to make it feel more homey, like getting pictures of friends and family printed and hanging them all over my room. Just this afternoon a bought two small potted plants, and keeping them alive has been added to my goals for the year.

My health has been getting better, thank you so much for your prayers. Some mornings I am still having difficulties, but it is much better than it was.