Wow! These past few months have been refreshing, unexpected, and busier and faster than I thought they’d be! It has been so good to just “be” here in the space that has all the feels of “coming back home.” To be able to go to church (which I’m not in any way responsible for prepping, leading, MCing, or speaking at!), make memories with family, laugh over coffee with good friends and make some new amazing friends!

Some of the highlights have been:

– “Sam” is doing AMAZING at Bible school! We had no idea if perhaps he’d be in completely over his head, but he’s getting 100% on papers and 85% on midterms (Test are harder because they’re entirely in the moment, and give less time for understanding and forming thoughts.) Next week is Finals!

– We’ve had a few sweet trips and school holidays. One extra special one was when we traveled down to Washington D.C. to visit one of my sisters.

​​Here with us:

– CT had its first training for this year’s new team members. Both Sam and I were heavily involved, and this year’s crew is exceptional! Same shared powerfully one night as an introduction to a time of prayer. Seventeen more young people are now preparing to serve next semester in Asia!

– We’ve seen a lot of remarkable blessings in our relationship with each other.

– Within the counsel of numerous leaders in our lives and the Lord, we’re getting a lot of clarity about what our next steps should be, both as a couple and each of us individually!

In Asia:

– There are now church groups meeting on all the campuses we were working on!

– Over 40, on average, are meeting in small group churches!

– Our first native ministry worker has been launched out into remote regions with a heart for unreached peoples living there, and he brought his first disciple to the mid-winter retreat! This is our dream, our vision and mission, coming to pass before our eyes!

As I mentioned, we’ve been praying through the next steps and have been having a lot of great conversations with family, friends and leaders.

One significant step we know God is leading us in is for Sam to continue to study at EBI & C next semester! This isn’t a totally new thought, as we bought semi-flexible plane tickets with this possibility in mind. But now we’re certain. He’s enrolled in classes, and financial aid applications are filed. Since we’re in a very serious and committed relationship, and are hoping to take the next steps in our relationship very soon, this means that I too will be staying here in the States longer. Right now I’m continuing to complete the goals of furlough, and specifically I’m in the process of support raising (please be praying!), but at some point I’ll shift more into those special projects and fulfilling some task here that will strength our organization and ministry.