Today I leave “home.” I have two huge (read extremely heavy and difficult to move) suitcases with what I can only believe will hold the majority of what I will need in life for the next 10 months. The past few days have been spent building wonderful memories with family and friends. Never before has moving into the next season in life been so bittersweet. I love so many things about my life here—family, my friends, my church, my job. But God has clearly asked me to leave this all for a season and go somewhere else. C-town will be my new “home.”

As I was working through the difficulties of goodbyes, God very gently reminded me that maybe my definition of home was not accurate. As a Christian my home is no longer defined by Maplewood Ave, Elim Gospel Church. My home is Jesus’ love for me.

Wherever I am I can feel safe, because he is with me. Whenever I feel alone, I am not.

So today I’ll pull my suitcases up to the check-in table of Campus Target: TrainingCamp 09 with joy. I get to be a part of bringing the wonder, peace and hope of Jesus’ love to hundreds of young people.

Your fathering heart is so great to me
For your hand on my life, covers me with peace…
Father, my home is you, forever
(Darrell Evans – My Home is You)