Every place in the world has that special food, treat, or delicacy that when any visitor passes through they just have to try or they haven’t really “been” there. For us here in the X, one of those culinary delights is called Bing Feng 冰峰 (its name means “icy peak”), an orange soda that comes in glass bottles and is sold en masse at almost every restaurant and hole in the wall here in the city. But for our team here in the X, the words “bing feng” have a special meaning. Every time a new brother or sister becomes a Christian, we send a text to all of our other team mates simply saying “BING FENG!!!” so that we can all rejoice in the new addition.

This past week has been a whirlwind here in the X. Our 8 new nine-month workers landed a week and a half ago and they…are…awesome! We have spent lots of time getting them accustomed to their new home, the food, culture, bathroom situations (hahahaha!), and most importantly, getting them out on the campuses sharing God’s story with Asian students! At first, we just had them come along with us and watch how we share and gave them some practice points like being friendly, speaking slowly, and asking great questions. However, in the past few days we have given them more and more opportunities to step up and share their own personal stories, and portions of the gospel, with friends. They have all been steadily improving. But the best news is that over the past few days, we have seen one new brother and one new sister join the family! That’s BING FENG!!! x 2!!!! Praise the Lord! We are excited to see these new family members connect with other brothers and sisters here in the city and we are excited to see them grow in their new relationships with God. Let’s keep the Bing Feng coming!

Thank you so much for all of your prayer and support over the summer! It was a hot and busy one, but the fall is on its way, along with cooler weather and much excitement for what God is going to do in this city this year!

Please be praying for:

Our new workers – ask that God would give them grace to continue to make the culture adjustment and boldness as they go out and share!

For our first house church meeting of the school year next weekend! We will be welcoming back students, reconnecting, and sharing vision for this upcoming year.

Thank you so much! You are such a blessing!