Something absolutely insane is happening right now!! I am in disbelief as I write this email to you sharing the incredible things God is doing in our midst!  Remember last week when I shared that we had two new Bing Fengs to add to our family? Right now as I write that email, make that 13!!!

That’s right! THIRTEEN people have joined the family of Christ in just the past few weeks!  It is absolutely incredible.  In all the years I have been here, I have never seen ANYTHING like this.  Not only are our people sharing boldly, with passion and conviction, but God is truly speaking to hearts and lives are being transformed daily!  What is even MORE remarkable is that over 75% of these new family members are GUYS!  Women significantly outnumber men in the Asian church, as does the number of female students who typically come into the family of Christ on a given campus vs. male students.  But God is doing something powerful amongst the Asian guys here in X Town, something we have prayed about for years!  I don’t even know if this email is making sense because I am so so SOOO excited!

Thank you so much for standing with me and my team and being a part of something that most of us living here in the X have never seen before.  It is truly humbling to be used by God in this way.

Please ask that God would give us wisdom as we decide how best to steward what He has given us. We are literally running around trying to get people connected into small groups and fellowships as fast as we can!  We have many new challenges ahead of us, but they are great challenges to have!  Praise the Lord!

Thank you so much for being a part of what God is doing here! You truly have a share in this Great Harvest!