Since I returned to Asia just a few short weeks ago, a lot has happened in our team and in our city! We had our very last Bible study and small groups of the semester, even in the midst of a stressful exam period for our Asian friends. We also gave our friends a plan for how to stay connected during the long Winter Holiday, so I am hoping this leads to more growth in them and unity among our people despite the long separation.

However, probably the most exciting thing, and the main purpose of this email, is to share with you something that is actually happening right now-our first ever Calling Retreat for Jrs and Srs. Over the past 24 hours, college students from all of our CT cities have gathered here in the X to spend 4 days connecting, having fun, seeing a new city, but most importantly having vision cast for them about how God wants to use their lives after they graduate. During this time, we are going to be speaking on 3 different paths God could call them to : mission work, ministry, and career, and how He can use any one of those to see His kingdom go forth through their lives.

This is going to be such a powerful weekend for everyone who is attending! Please be lifting this up to God. Ask:
1) That He would open the hearts of those attending. That he would speak clearly and earnestly to each one the calling He has on their life.
2) That He would protect this event. That we would have no problems with guards or the authorities in the X-that everything would go off without a hitch.
3) That He would give strength and grace to those of us who are helping to run the event-that we would have rest and energy to meet all the needs of this retreat.

Thank you so much!

I believe God is going to do great things!