Happy (late) New Years!

Thanks so much for all your prayers over the Christmas season!  Here’s a brief testimony of what we’ve seen the Lord do!

Our friend Rose has been sharing with her friends like CRAZY – She’s led 3 of her friends to the Lord!  Incredible!

We saw a handful of new salvations through our Christmas parties and events.

I was pretty sick for our big party – cold, sore throat, fever, the whole works – but God gave me the strength to share the Good News and I had so much fun while doing it.  Let me tell you, there’s something powerful about sharing the Gospel!  It totally brings life – not just to the person you’re sharing with – but also to you yourself!  My Asian friend, Rita, accepted the Lord this past week!

In addition to all these testimonies, approximately 20 of our key disciples are traveling to another city tomorrow to receive some specialized training at a retreat.  We, as an organization, will be presenting them with an opportunity to serve the Lord in a greater capacity and invite them to partner alongside us in ways that we haven’t done before.

With the New Year just starting, my fiancé and I would like to share a little bit about what lies ahead for us.

We’ll be getting married here in Asia on May 22nd.  My boss from back home is flying over to marry us; we couldn’t be more excited!

Sometime around the summer months, Locke plans on officially joining Campus Target.  We’ll get to work side-by-side on the mission that God’s called us to! Doing full-time ministry with my (future) husband is like a dream come true!

In the summer, I’ll be transitioning into a new and exciting role in CT.  While I’m not revealing all the details yet (and as they’re still being developed), I’m excited to work more closely with our leadership team in providing care for our long-term workers.  I’ll be putting my Master’s Degree to good use!

In November, Locke and I will be transitioning back to the States for (as of right now) a little over a year.  I’ll be doing an internship for grad school at a Christian counseling agency in New York.  Additionally, I’ll be working full-time in the Campus Target office.  Locke will enroll in Bible School and will be taking classes for the year.

In November, we’ll have a wedding reception in the States so we can celebrate with all of you!

During our year in the States, we’ll be traveling a lot, visiting our churches, families, and friends, and support raising in preparation of returning back to Asia.  We 100% believe in the inheritance that God has for us here in Asia.  We plan on giving many years, as a married couple, to this vision that God has put on our hearts!

There are so many good things to look forward to!  Thanks for sharing in our excitement and partnering alongside the both of us!