I have lived in Asia for over three years now, so I am used to the attention I get while doing the most mundane, average of activities such as walking down the street, or buying a cup of coffee.  I can’t tell you how many times an Asian stranger has asked to take their picture with me…I mean, I do like wearing tinted sunglasses, but I am not a famous movie star or anything like that :-).  I sometimes chuckle when I think of the number of photo albums I have ended up in over the years…photo albums of people who don’t even know my name.

So last week when a group of girls came up to me at the night market across from my university, I thought it was for yet another photo op.  I could tell they were really nervous when they approached me…they probably had not spoken to many foreigners in the past…but they definitely relaxed a bit when they discovered that I could speak the local language and that I am a nice person :-).

I found out that they attend a smaller nursing school just a few bus stops away from my school.  On Saturday I invited them to come to a picture taking party my team was having. It was a great chance to get to know them and to sow some seeds about God into their lives.

I feel like these girls were a direct answer my prayers for more Asian friends to influence with the Gospel.  It was really amazing because I didn’t even have to find them…they found me!  God is so willing to provide when our requests line up with His will and desires for our hearts!