I stood in the front of the conference room while the faces of 19 new potential CT recruits stared back at me.  They had come to take part in CT’s annual April Mini Camp and they had absolutely no idea what they were in for.  Less than 10  minutes after the weekend officially started I was sending them out on a local scavenger hunt in which they would have to videotape themselves performing crazy stunts like eating a banana whole (peel and all) and singing a love song to a stranger while this person drove them around in a parking lot!  Although the four days that we as CT workers got to spend with these amazing recruits was fun and full of laughs, the most important factor for them wasn’t the games, skits, teachings, or even the great food.  It was the time they spent encountering the Lord.I felt very privileged to be a part of Mini Camp 2012 as this was the first Mini Camp I had attended since my own back in 2008.  Being in that environment brought me back to when I was learning about CT for the first time…having no idea of the great adventure God would take me on.  I am excited for the potential new CTers that I had the chance to meet and excited for what God is doing and how He is leading each and every one of them!  There will be some battles ahead and some tough choices to make, but in God we are so victorious and have everything needed to succeed.  When I see them again in August I can’t wait to hear all that He has done to them and through them.