A couple of weeks ago, in a meeting room in an office building, around 35 friends and family gathered to celebrate a milestone-the 10thAnniversary of CT in Asia! Many people traveled in from the States, as well as all across Asia to be a part of celebrating what God has done in this country. We looked back on the years that got us to July, 2016. We shared memories, hilarious and embarrassing stories, tearful struggles, and amazing triumphs that all testified to the goodness of God and his enduring faithfulness over the years. In fact, the place where we were meeting is a house church that now has hundreds of members and multiple services and is pastered by a man who was led into the family during one of the early years of CT!

The theme of our celebration was “Our foolishness and God’s faithfulness,” and the more we shared stories and memories, the more we realized how true that battle cry was. Although we have come a long way from the days of only having cell phones that could call within our city limits, trying to survive in a land where your grasp of the language was rudimentary at best, and your discipleship curriculum consisted of whatever you wrote down the night before, we all came away realizing that we still really have no idea what we are doing haha! But God is faithful! His direction is good and right and His leading is perfect.

In addition to reminiscing on our 10 years together, we also had the chance to visit a beautiful, remote national park here in Asia and have our annual long-term workers retreat in which we heard some amazing teaching and geared up for the coming year.

After coordinating and planning this epic yet tiring celebration, I am back home in the X enjoying my own apartment and a constant supply of iced coffee that my roommate and I are maintaining.

Thank you so much for those of you who have stood by me these past years. Whether it has been one year, or eight years, each of you has sacrificed something so that I can be here. Email updates and pictures don’t do enough to say thank you, but I want you all to know that your contribution to me and the work here in Asia is deeply valued and does not go unnoticed!!!