We walked out of the airport at 12 am local time in our “hometown.” Throngs of taxi drivers, stifling humidity and the smog enveloped us as we stepped outside. “Ah, just as I remember!” 🙂

WE WERE BACK!!! It had been 4 long years since we had been in C-Town. So many memories flowed through my mind. Friends remembered, tasty food, testing experiences and sights to be stamped in my mind. I wanted to experience and enjoy those things again, even if we are only there for 2 weeks. But what is this? 2 small children with us…. That’s different from before.

We are back in the States after an amazing 15 days in Asia! We saw pandas, ate delicious food, connected with our Asia-based team and saw old friends we had made when we were ministering on the campuses there. This included 6 days of organizational meetings that looked back on what God has done the last 10 years and looked ahead to dream about what’s coming in our next 10 years. I’ll share more about that in a future email.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that we are back and doing well. All four of us did fine with jet lag going to Asia, but it has been more difficult coming back to the States. Both of the kids being sick since Sunday hasn’t helped. They are getting better but keep praying for them.