It all seemed so insignificant. All I had in my hand was a pen and a piece of paper and I was only drawing simple pictures. But in that moment, I knew that I was sharing the most important message to my Asian friend would ever hear.

I knew when I came here that God would give me opportunities to share about his love with some of the friends I had made. But now that it was actually happening, it seemed so crazy! Here I was, on the other side of the world, sharing about God with someone who had NEVER heard about him before. I had met my friend only a few short weeks ago at an English Corner and after having a few conversations with her, I found out that she was interested in hearing more about God and the Bible. We began to study with her only last week and I just felt very prompted to share with her the whole message of who God is and what His Son did for us.

As I sat there, talking to her and staring into her eyes, I knew I wasn’t just telling her another story, but I was sharing life itself. Although she did not make any decisions that afternoon, I am confident that God will work in her heart and he will show her how her life can be changed because of his love.

Be praying for more opportunities to share about him to our friends and that they will see clearly and understand the consequences of a life without him.