Linked arm-in-arm with Margaret, we walked toward a small outdoor café on the New Campus to drink milk tea and chat. We met on a very crowded bus about a month ago when she decided to try out some English on me. It turns out that her English is quite good, and she has an easy going spirit that helped make us instant friends. I always enjoy our conversations, because they are very natural and because they are always seasoned with talk about The Truth.

I cradled the warm cup in my cold hands and listened as Margaret told me about a recent conversation she had with her father. She prefaced the conversation by telling me that she had previously sent her parents a picture of us and told them that I believe in Jesus. I’ve known from our first meeting that she was interested in having a relationship with God, but I didn’t realize just how genuine her interest had become. Margaret then told me that her father asked her, “If you continue to spend time with Autumn, will you also become a Christian?” And Margaret told me that she said, “Well, probably…maybe…yes.”

We both started smiling at each other like little school girls. Margaret also asked if she could come over to my apartment and read the Bible with me sometime soon. Of course I said yes, and I think that she is coming over this Saturday to study with me and Mae.
I am really excited for this meeting! Mae and I are believing for Margaret’s salvation and I would like you to please join me in prayer that the Holy Spirit moves in a powerful way in her heart this weekend as we study together.

Also, please pray for our family church this week…it’s really unexpected and incredible and amazing, but Qiu, Liang Shan, Sharon, Zhi Hui, and Alice are coming to the party! And the guys also have a couple friends joining us! As we’ve spent time praying together as a team, turning over our hearts to the Lord and accepting that everything done here is His handiwork, we’ve really started to see a radical shift in our friend’s hearts. Please pray that nothing comes in the way of their attending and that their hearts are opened!