Many times in my life the Lord has taught me that even in life’s most difficult circumstances, His love can still shine through.

This truth proved itself again this week, not only in my life, but also in the life of one of my Asian friends, J. On Monday I received an e-mail from J, who is still at home for the winter
holiday, describing a very tough situation she is in with her boyfriend. Basically J was convinced by her boyfriend to have sex even though she didn’t really want to. As a result, something went wrong and now she has to have an operation. She is too scared to tell her parents, and what is worse, she doesn’t have money for the surgery so she needs to find a part time job to pay for it.

At first i was overwhelmed by her e-mail. J isn’t a friend that I was very close with and Asian people are not very open with each other about situations such as this. I immediately prayed. Although I didn’t have all the words to say to make her bad decisions go away, what I was able to do was pour into her the love of God. I told J that no matter what she had done, the Father loves her and wants to know her more and have a relationship with her. She seemed to receive what I had to tell her and I am very excited for her to return to K-town so that I can talk to her more in person about the love of God and how he can change her life and heal the broken places.

Through this whole situation I am above all, thankful to God. Of course I am not thankful that my friend is going through this difficult time, but I am thankful that the Lord gave me the opportunity to share truth with her and to be able to go deeper. These next few months are going to be exciting and I am ready for the work that the Lord has for me 🙂