As I got on the bus there were no seats available, but it wasn’t too crowded and I thought to myself that a seat would probably open up as people got off. Then at the next stop a bunch of people got on and only 1 or 2 got off, and this scene was repeated for the next few stops, until the bus was packed to the gills. I think that people will get off some time and it is only about a 30 minute bus ride. Then we hit bad traffic, so my 30 minute bus ride turned in to an hour and 20 minutes and there was always more people wanting to get on then where getting off. That was ok, it is just part of getting around over here and it gave me time to think about what I have been learning.

That was my bus ride back to my apartment after one of the classes I have been taking during spring festival. Spring festival is the most important holiday here and all of the students go home for about a month and few of them are from near the university. During this time I have been busy traveling and taking some special classes. I went to Thailand for a small vacation and the CT retreat. Then I went to visit my friend who lives in a small town about 4 hours from where I live. Then we all started what we called the winter session. The 3 topics for theses classes have been finances, talking to the Lord and its importance, and one about the mission work we do.

These classes along with the Thailand retreat have really taught me lot and I am excited to go forward with the rest of the year. All of them have been really good, though I one I liked the best was the one about the missions work we do over here because it painted me a clearer picture of what were doing over here, what are goal is, and I got more of a plan as to how we where going to accomplish our goal. This isn’t to say I didn’t know any of this before but rater it was a nice refresher along with some new ideas. I am excited to put in to practice the things I have learned but I also know that no matter what strategy I have, I need God’s power to see anything accomplished. With that in mind I here a few things I would like you all to talk to the Lord about.