You know the expression “March Madness?” Well, it isn’t just about basketball these days!

Ever since we relaunched into this semester after our Thailand Retreat/ New Year/Wintersession time, we have seen God do some amazing things here in the X! I want to take a moment to highlight just a FEW of the things that have happened since the students came back about a month ago.

  1. We have seen THREE, that’s right three Asian college students join the family since the beginning of the month! Two were girls who our team met on two separate occasions while on campus. After sharing with the girls for the first time, both of them chose to follow God. Praise The Lord! The third was a guy who one of our guys had met at KFC, and after talking about God several times, he invited him to come to our Sunday fellowship. After the fellowship we were talking to him, and he decided he was ready to follow Him! Woohoo!!

  1. One of our friends who came into the family during the fall made the decision to be baptized! It was a really special moment. I got to help walk some of our first year workers through the process and help them feel confident to dunk someone for the very first time. Our Asian sister was a little nervous, but ready and willing to take this next step and follow God. It was a really special and sweet moment, I felt very privileged to be there!

  1. For most of the last semester, we have been struggling to get our friends who were in the family into small groups where they could be discipled in what it meant to be a follower of God. Due to busy schedules and other hiccups, that wasn’t a roaring success. During our Wintersession we took some time to pray and ask that God would open doors and that people would be willing and free to be trained. Since starting back up this month, we have seen 4 or 5 people get locked into to weekly or bi-weekly discipleship groups who weren’t last semester! He is moving!

  1. Another area we struggled in last semester was having good attendance at our Saturday and Sunday fellowships. Some weeks would be ok, but for the most part only one or two Asian friends have been able to come, and usually they are not the same one or two people every week. We took some time to pray and strategize about how to change this. We had a big welcome back party to kick off the semester, and since then our fellowships for the most part have been “plump” as I like to say :-). Our Saturday group had 7 Asian students and our Sunday one had 5 last week. Awesome!!

I could really go on and on! March really has been Madness and it has totally been because of God! He has heard our cries for help, strategy, salvations, baptisms, discipling, etc and has answered them!

And you know what the best part is? The semester has only just begun.