The last time I did an update, it was almost a month ago and I am sorry that it has been such a long time since I have written. The second half of this year is just really flying by so quickly that I can’t believe it. In just about 2months, I will be back in USA, and I am so looking forward to see family, friends, and just the general blessings of being in USA.

There are so much I want to share, but for now, I will share three things.

So far, the transition of turning our guy’s discipleship to a church has been successful! With all of the Asian believers coming together and meet everyone, now we have about 15ish Asians meet together regularly to study the word, worship, and mutually encourage one another. This is a huge step in the goal of these believers becoming a church that they can function without foreign influences.

Second, so far, in our church meetings, we have talked about things like baptism, prayers, etc., and these people have been learning from the teachings and applying it to themselves. At the meeting about prayers, this topic was so vital and the people needed to hear so much that these believers were lingering after the 3hrs of meeting and talking about it. Not only were they talking about it, they ask important questions such as how do I know that I am hearing from God verses the devil, my own feeling, or my own thoughts?

When we taught them about baptism, questions were asked, such as if had been baptized as a baby, do I still need to be baptized again? So, we told him to pray about it and see what does God tell him. The next time we met up with him, he told us that he thought that God wanted him to be baptized again. We agreed with us choice and taught him the reasons why he should be baptized.

Last but not least, we had baptism event / party on 3/16/2014, where 3 guys and 1 girl got baptized!!!! On that day, 21 people gathered together, mostly Christians and some who are not. We all got to hear the Gospel in the native language, learned about the reason for baptism, saw 4 people got baptized, learning about communion, and taking the communion. Afterward, we all went out and ate dinner together as a one big family!

Just writing this update and reflecting the past month makes me wanting to just shout out and praise God. This month I got to experience God like never before, I got to see His glory on display not only in my life, but in the lives of those who are around me. Reflecting back from when I first came to do this type of work and all of the hardships that I have felt, I now can tell you that it is all worth it and that the joy I now experience makes the hardship that I felt a distant memories. Reflecting back now, I see clearly how God had grown me and answered all of my heart cry prayers.

I sincerely hope that you are doing well and pray that today you will encounter God in a way that you have never experienced before!

To Him Be the Praise FOREVER!