I hope that you all had a safe and healthy Christmas with friends and family and that the Lord has provided for all of you even in this time of economic uncertainty. I know that he will reward your faithfulness and your continued support of me and the work I am doing here.

God has certainly been working here during the month of December. My team and I have thrown 4 Christmas parties at my apartment and each one was a success! We were able to reconnect with old friends, meet some new ones, and get to know some good friends even better. But most importantly we were able to share with each and every one of those who attended the true meaning of this day that is so important to many Americans. We were even able to share some of the message in Asian through the help of our friend Chris who became a member of the family only last summer. It is amazing to see God working through him and I know He has great plans for Chris and his future in Asia. Although no decisions were made at the parties, as we continue to meet with friends I know God will move hearts and minds and I am confident that we will begin to bear fruit.

Continue to ask the Lord for decisions to be made by the people who attended these parties and that their lives would be rocked by the Father.

Also be praying for continued safety in K-Town. On Christmas night we were slightly rocked by a small earthquake (which feels a lot bigger when you are on the 7th floor hehehhe) It was just a reminder that this is still an unstable area earthquake-wise and His protection is always needed!