In H-town you have to get out and see the sites before the temperature
dips.  That is exactly what my team and I did a few weeks ago
during our 10-day vacation from school.  Unlike most visitors to
H-town, we didn’t go to the walking street, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, or
even the Amusement Park.  Instead we went, well, back to school.

One of our jobs this year as the first CT team in H-town is to visit
some of the key universities in H-town and ask God to give us insight
on which schools should be a focus of CT in the future.  During our
break from classes we were able to visit the H-town School of
Technology and the H-town Engineering University.  Both are some of the
nation’s top schools.  It was really cool to get to see some other
universities and get some vision for what God wants to do there in
the future. We had the chance to walk around the campus, talk to
some students, and especially, pray! We also had beautiful weather-
in the mid-70s, which was a real blessing because now it is in the
mid to upper 30s! HaHaHa! As we as a team continue to pray for
these universities and the future of CT in H-town, I am so excited to
see what God is doing and will do in this city!

He is on the move!