Hi folks!

We’ve almost reached the end of this crazy, challenging, life-changing 9-month journey in Asia. This will be one of my last updates before I head back to the land of the free and the home of the brave in just a few short weeks.

As things begin to wind down and I start to think about saying goodbye to friends and family (my team), there is certainly an ever-present temptation to slow down, sit back, and ride the wave of all that has happened this year right on back to America’s shores. Nonetheless, there are people on campus who still need to hear about Jesus, and there are friends I can invest in as they begin their walks with God. And so, I will paddle out further to reach the lost and I will venture into deeper waters with my friends, sharing with them the most important things in my heart that I desire to see for each of them on their journey of faith.

As I seek to hold nothing back these last few weeks, I would simply ask for your prayers. Please pray that I have God’s heart and wisdom to manage my time in the best ways possible. Pray that the times I spend with my Asian friends are special and each marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in my friends lives in real and profound ways. Pray for my team and I as we all look to the future and begin to process saying goodbye to friends and each other soon.