The text came in at just the right time. We were debriefing yet another Gospel-sharing time that didn’t seem very fruitful, and there was definitely some discouragement in the air. Then, just as we were about to wrap up, I looked at my phone and a text from a student named Seven that read:

“Hi Jordan. Where can I get a Holy Bib1e? I wanna do some reading about Bible.”

Then another….

“I want to share with you something I find out recently, human cannot create anything new, only God can.”

Sweet! Seven is a junior at our campus who we actually met my first year here, but he was never super interested in Jesus. He did come to a few events, however, and seeds were sown. Some of you surely even lifted him up because of these updates! Then, about two weeks ago, Lucy and I sat down with him and poured out our hearts and the Father’s heart to him, and when we prayed over him, he was pretty moved. Now we know other things – spiritual
forces and strongholds – are being moved too!

So, I set up an appointment the next day to give him his Bible, and see what the Holy Spirit had in mind. Well, even though he was feeling sick, Seven stillcame out, AND he brought his girlfriend and another classmate with – all were just hungry to know more about this God of ours! It was a joy to talk and share with them, and answer their questions from the perfect Word. The best part was that Seven was actually helping me to persuade them that
God must be real, and that all of what I was saying was true!!! Glory!

Right before we prayed at the end of our time, Seven said, “Wow, I already feel a lot better!” Yeah, that’s what His Presence does, right? He is completely good, completely powerful, and knows what we need before we ask.

A third text the next day read, “It’s amazing! I am almost healed by just one day. Thank God! And thank you for your pray for me.”

All glory to the Creator of health, of Truth, of this universe, of you and me, of salvation unto eternal Life!!!