Many many things have been going on since the last time I wrote to you. I’ve seen God’s favor and grace upon Lala and myself throughout all this time, and I’ve seen Him fulfilling His promises in our ministry.

He is so good to us, because He loves these people, but also because He is a good Father.

So, I want to summarize all the people that have become Christians since last month: Since we came back from the long school break, we’ve been sharing like crazy, sometimes spending over 8+ hours on campus, just because we don’t want to waste a single minute and go home without “telling one more person about Him”. And, yes, God’s been extra faithful – we now have 7 new people that joined our Family in the past month!

The names of these precious people are: Sissy, Alexander, Celia, Leticia, Daisy, Yiwei, Margaret.

All of them have very different but special stories, they all have in common the one fact of saying Yes to the Man that said Yes to them that day on the cross.

I want to share with you Yiwei’s story. I met her on campus. My partner Lala, my friend Nancy, and I were a little bit bored after being rejected all day long, and we were just trying to have a real conversation. So I just decided to go talk to the next girl that walked by, and there was Yiwei. Now, I needed a good excuse to randomly talk to her, so I asked her about her shoes -she had really cool shoes. Then she gave me this special look – we knew we were going to be friends. Lala and I shared with her and she seemed very interested, but she didn’t say anything. However, she still liked me. What did that mean?

One week later she took us out to the opening of a really hipster coffee shop, and she asked me if I could teach her about the Bible. It was really different – it usually is me asking them if they’ve thought about it and if they want to believe in Jesus. But not this time – she brought it up first! We also asked her if she had any beliefs before and she said that before meeting us she believed in science, but now because of us she can see how God exists. It really touched me to hear and to see that I am being a living reflection of God, and because of that (and the Holy Spirit), people are believing.

Something that I really love about Yiwei, too, is that since I first got here I asked God for a BEST ASIAN FRIEND. Even when I had really good, sweet and nice sisters, I never felt that “click”. When I met her, we both knew it was meant to happen, we were meant to be some sort of best friends. I am trying to invest in her as much as I can.

Things to be grateful for:
-Our new brother and sisters: Sissy, Alexander, Celia, Leticia, Daisy, Yiwei, Margaret.
-For all the grace and favor we’re seeing.

Things to ask for:
-That our brother and sisters keep growing in the knowledge of Jesus.
-That they can be greatly bold to share with all their friends.

Thanks for all your love, prayers and support. Thanks for always being there for me.