It’s been a very busy season, the past few months have simply flown by!  I admit that I’ve been so caught up in the busyness of life, ministry, and wedding prep, that I’ve been a little MIA the past few months.  And while I may not have sent out many updates, please know that HUGE things have been happening here in Asia!!!

First of all, HAPPY EASTER!  I pray you and your family are able to celebrate Jesus and feel an extra dose of His love for you this season!  In celebration, we had a big party earlier this evening and were able to share the gospel with over 20 people!  Our Asian believers had a big role in leading the party and I was able to witness one of my core disciples sharing the gospel to two of our new friends!  Seeing her transformation and growth has been such an encouragement.  I often wish I had as much boldness as her!

A couple weeks ago, my coworker and I started to lead a brand new mini-church/small group.  He and I will be working together in training many of our new disciples on the basics of relationship with Christ and our Christian walks.  We’re so excited to be leading this new group and are expectant for great things.  We currently have a dozen or so believers that are interested in coming, please pray that they choose to commit.  This next week we’ll be teaching on baptism, so hopefully we’ll have some baptisms soon!

The theme of the past few months of life in Asia has been “revival”.  We’re praying for personal revival in our own hearts because if our hearts aren’t revived, how can we see a release of the supernatural in our work?  I’ve been praying like I’ve never prayed before and, as a team, we’ve been interceding on behalf of our believers, the campuses, and Asia.  As we’re seeking the Lord for revival, we’d like to invite you to join in on the fun!  Specifically, I’m looking for a team of intercessors who would like to commit to pray daily for our core believers.   I know your prayers move mountains, so please join in on praying for our Asian believers!

As we’ve been praying and asking for revival, we have seen a lot of opposition from the devil.  Specifically, in one of our cities, we’ve seen some pretty heavy lies thrown at us, including us being a cult.  One of the core believers from this city has even been threatened expulsion from her university.  Can you pray for this believer, Kristine, and for the entire group of Asian believers in her city?  Please also pray for our team and their protection as they are marching strong for Jesus.  As this is a sensitive issue, many details will not be given, but please know that your prayers make such a huge difference!