A few days ago Lala and I met Laia, a girl whose major is Spanish, and so we shared in Spanish. Lala and I felt really confident – we told her about the history of the church and how God really wants to have a deep relationship with her. We read some Bible verses with her and she was super excited and amazed – she was really thirsty for the truth! When we asked her if she wanted to have a relationship with Jesus, she instantaneously said yes! She even started reading our Bible right away and committed to come to our Training Group the next week. Wow! Now we have 3 sisters! All is for his glory and because of his grace – Lala and I have no idea how this happened. All we know is that He is merciful and loving of these young women.

Sarah (our first sister) shared with Lily (a coworker) and now she is also a sister and both of them want to be baptized. When we told them what this meant they didn’t hesitate. These girls have a tender heart for Jesus.