After a month, I am finally settled in my apartment, and thanks to God we have everything we need. Many things have been going on since we got here. We’ve made friends, we’ve shared God’s good news like crazy, and we’ve been trying to get to know the city a little better.

I met Sarah on my first week here. I was praying to God that I could meet a teacher and that I could actually share the Gospel so she could be a huge influence in her surroundings. After 5 minutes I was meeting Sarah, a very sweet math teacher. I was shocked; God had answered that prayer so soon! We hung out with her, we shared, and she said she had seen a movie about Jesus Christ and but she did not know why he sacrificed for all of us. That was so easy to answer!  So we answered – we told her that he loves her and that he wants to be always and forever with her, so she agreed and now she is part of the family! I was in tears, the most amazing feeling ever, the feeling of leading a person to Jesus Christ!

We’ve shared with at least 20 more people, but most of them have said “no”. Most of them were afraid to put their eyes on something different. When we shared with our friend X, we could see how touched and impacted she was by the love of Jesus. But all of the sudden, when we were sure she believed, she stopped. She started saying that science was their belief and that’s how youth is raised here. We know that the enemy was holding her back not to run towards Jesus. We are still praying for her and we know she will believe.

Last Thursday my friend Lala and I had to go across the border for the day to renew our visas. It was a really rough trip – we were able to be in the city for only 1 hour, and at the end of the day we had traveled for almost 22 hours. It was super tiring. The good thing is that we get to be in this country for the whole school year now!