As I was in a time of singing to God about a month ago, I suddenly saw a picture of a hand releasing and a bird flying free from the hand. When I asked the Lord what I was seeing, I heard Him say, “This year you’re going to learn how to release my Spirit.” A little shocked by the statement, I asked, “God, haven’t I already released the Holy Spirit to move?” And then He showed me a second picture; a picture that honestly rocked me. I saw myself walking on campus holding a bird cage with this beautiful bird, trapped. Still with me, but trapped. In that moment, I realized that I had been walking with the Spirit, but I hadn’t been allowing Him to lead. Talk about a wake up call!

As I reflect on that picture, and what just happened in the last two weeks, I can understand what He meant by releasing His Spirit! There are so many stories I want to write from these last two weeks, but if I were to write out every detail of miraculous workings that I’ve seen, it might take an hour or so to read! So instead, I’m going to give a summary.

In the last two weeks, I saw God open a door with my friend Gabby and she finally said yes to Him! I was led to go on campus one night with some friends, came across a girl who God gave me a prophetic word for, and that night she chose Him!

The next day, after getting out of class, having 3 hours to kill, I was planning to go home and rest. However, the Holy Spirit stopped me and led me to a coffee shop where a girl walked right up to me. I shared and she said YES!

After an awesome training group with Haily, she began to tell me how SHE shared with a friend and the friend is so close to believing; she’ll be starting a training group with him soon!

A couple nights ago, one of my girls, Mavis, invited me to help her share with her classmates. After a powerful encounter with God, Mavis got to lead YiXuan to Him and Mavis will be starting a training group with her!

And to top off the two weeks, I had a concert last night where I shared my story of how I chose God, and after the concert was approached by multiple girls. After sharing with them, two of them chose to start a relationship! 2 weeks. 6 new sisters. 2 new 2nd generation training groups. He is sooooo faithful!!!!!

Thank you so much for how you’ve poured into me and been praying for God to move here! It’s so evident that things are happening and that He is faithful to answer our prayers! Please be praying for Mavis and Zhang Ran as they embark on helping to start new training groups! Also, please be praying for Gabby, Sapphire, LinFei, Yi Xuan, Grace, and Lily as they begin to walk out their new relationships with Him! Also please be lifting me up as I take a 3-day staycation to get some much-needed rest, that God would refresh me and fill me!