It has been a while since my last update, so I wanted to fill you all in on the amazing work that God has been doing over here. First I want to start off with an awesome miracle that God came through with. Before I left for Asia back in training camp we had this activity we called a treasure hunt. If you’ve never heard of a treasure hunt before, it’s basically closing your eyes and asking God to show you something. Either a picture in your head, words, or anything like that. Our goal was to pray for God to show us people, places, or things before we get to Asia. I hadn’t really had any experience doing things like this before, so the whole activity felt kind of weird to me if I’m being honest. I wound up getting the words “orange sphere” in my head.

I didn’t know whether this was God telling me this, or my own thoughts but regardless of how I felt I said it anyway and our group wrote it down. Fast forward, and about two weeks ago we are on campus driving around, and we turn the corner and what is the first thing that I see? A massive orange sphere made out of marble. It was a structure on campus with water flowing out of it and around it. Needless to say, I freaked out. I actually heard from God while all the way back in America and happened to find this giant orange sphere that I wasn’t even sure existed all the way on the other side of the world. WHAT?! So crazy!! The amazing thing about it too is the strategic location that the sphere is located. To preface a little bit, on campus there is this giant clock tower actually nicknamed “Suicide Tower” because some students will jump off of it and kill themselves because they cannot take the pressures of life and all of their academics. It’s a very serious matter. Please be praying for God to break the spirit of suicide on the campus. The sphere just happens to be located directly across from this tower. I know God gave me this location because it’s a very strategic location to meet people, and I know that He wants to break the spirit of suicide. We’ve gone to the sphere a couple of times already and have met a bunch of our friends at this location. God is definitely doing something BIG.

Another amazing story I have is that I have just recently had the first person I shared with accept God and come in the family!!! His name is Terry. We met Terry last Thursday night on campus at English Corner. It’s a place where students meet up to talk to each other and practice English. I went there with my two roommates and eventually we started talking to a large group of the guys there and sharing God’s message with them. My roommate Bourne and I were sharing back and forth and towards the end of us sharing when it got to Bourne’s turn to close out the message he said, “All you have to do is believe that God loves you and that his son died for you and repent of your bad things you’ve done and you will be saved.”

Terry was sitting right next to me and he turned to me and said “Do you believe?” and I told him yes and I began to share my testimony with him. As I shared I could see his eyes were getting watery and he was touched. He then said to me, “Do you know this is actually the second time in my life that I’ve heard of God’s son?” He then began to tell me about how he was studying abroad in Germany last year and living with a friend of his, and his friend’s mother would take him to hear God’s Word on Sundays. However, he couldn’t fully understand the messages because they were in Dutch. Luckily his friend’s mother explained a bit to him and he knew enough to know that God loved him and His son died for him. I told him that me meeting with him wasn’t an accident and that God was pursuing him. I then asked him if he wanted to pray the prayer, accept God into his heart, and come into the family and he said YES!!

I then prayed with him and afterwards he said to me, “Thank you very much. I feel very much peace in my heart.” He told me that he had an Asian version of the Bible and I told him to read it daily, and to pray and talk to God to grow more in relationship with Him.

Please be praying for Terry that he would continue his walk with God and not get distracted or pulled away! God is so good! We have a lot more people we have shared with that have heard and understood the message, but said they needed time to think about it. Please pray for them as well! Some of their names are: Abner, Oliver, Jeffrey, Victor, Keen, and Damon. That’s all the update I have for now. God is really moving, and I’m so excited to be a part of the work that He’s so clearly doing over here!