As I heard my name called out, I could only imagine the many shades of red that appeared across my face. I was being recognized for the second time with an award known as the “CT Studd” Award.

Named after a famous ministry worker, this award is given every year to a few people who have exemplified our core values within our organization. And this year, I was recognized for being someone who shares the Good News radically. I felt so honored to receive the award! With the award, I received a new guitar, replacing my guitar that had begun to crack in multiple spots! On top of it, I was not only blessed with a new guitar, but I received quite the upgrade! My new guitar is able to plug into amps and has an awesome sound quality! It’s cool how God can provide and bless us in such personal ways!

First and foremost, God is good! If there was even a slight doubt I had about angels having guard over me, this accident proved to me they are definitely real and active.

What happened? A guy driving a rickshaw pulled out of a T-intersection without looking and slammed directly into my side as I was driving home on my electric bike. There were multiple witnesses and many who were willing to help me during the whole accident! God even provided a local guy who spoke fantastic English to help translate while I was still in a state of shock.

Am I ok? Most definitely! Even though, I took quite a hit, I have few symptoms even indicating that I was in an accident; only a bruise on my leg and a sore arm. I had a CT scan and an x-ray on my arm and the doctors were amazed to see that nothing is wrong; no fractures or anything!

What do I need? The biggest thing I need is prayer. My right arm, which is my dominate arm/hand, is still very sore. I’ve been able to use it a little bit, but I still don’t have full range of motion and am also not able to work at my normal capacity. I especially need speedy recovery as I’m 10 days out from helping to lead a training in another city.

I’ll be heading down to one of our southern Asian cities to lead a training from March 24th-27th with one of my sisters, Mavis and a few others! During this time we will be equipping the local church in leading small groups and teaching them how to establish a multiplying church. We’ll also have some people attending from other cities to be trained as well, including a brother who has been living and serving among an unreached people group and since has seen multiple people come into the family!

Please be praying that God would move powerfully during this time; that our brothers and sisters would not only comprehend the material but that God would also stir in them an excitement to see people come to know Him and to make disciples who make disciples!